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Do Physical Therapists Need Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?


If you are a physical therapist, one of your main concerns is probably how you can go about preventing someone filing a lawsuit against you. The truth is that even the best physical therapist in the world can be sued for alleged malpractice. While being kind to your clients and ensuring that they are on the same page as you certainly helps in preventing such lawsuits, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Physical therapists have a duty of adhering to certain standard of care—but things can go awry, and proving that it’s not your fault is always tricky… and expensive.

So the answer is yes, physical therapists need to be covered under such a policy. More often than not, a patient who sues a therapist claims a case of “professional negligence”. While malpractice claims can be complicated, a patient who can prove that they have suffered an injury—or experienced a breach of the duty of care—while working with a physical therapist is the most dangerous. As a physical therapist, this is probably your worst nightmare, and for a reason. Without adequate insurance coverage, there is nothing that you can do. Worst even, all the fees associated with your defense—as well as the settlement—will have to be paid out of your own pocket.

And if they can’t, then the only viable option left for you is so go bankrupt.

This scenario is incredibly different if you are a therapist insured under a professional liability insurance policy. With this type of coverage, you can just relax and work with an attorney provided by your insurance policy to prove that you are not at fault. You don’t have to worry about the fees either: After paying your deductible, everything will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Those are two different scenarios, but they are two very realistic ones. In fact they are so realistic that they happen every single day to dozens of workers across the globe. And you know what the good news is? You have the power to decide which one you want to experience. So choose wisely.