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ClickHook – The best innovation in CRM


For years, Customer relationship management (CRM) has been a vital part of any business. Thus, becoming such an important part of any firm, many have tried creating CRM software to help those frustrated employees struggling with their organization. However, being created by software engineers, only knowing its functions remotely, each software was built to suit the needs of its creator rather than the realistic usage of its user. Thus, appears, a new innovative CRM software, created from experience by someone who has lived the same struggle as those needing the software, and who worked hard on creating a new, simple, and effective CRM software.

Throughout the years, many have claimed the throne of the best software, but the best CRM 2014 is by far the one created to suit the client’s need. offers, from a creator running his own web design and SEO firm, a software meant for the use of anyone and everyone. Simple and malleable, this CRM software is easy to learn and use by anyone. You won’t have to change your own organizational methods to adapt to the CRM software, because will adapt to your own usage.

Additionally, this software serves as a personal assistant in itself. By sending a small e-mail to ClickHook, it will record any and every contact you desire, with your own persona notes, tags, and any additional details. And not only does the e-mail service automatically add contacts, but also allows the recording of every e-mail as you b’cc ClickHook in your correspondences.

Most importantly, unlike many other software, ClickHook allows you to organize sales-flows your own way, and automate virtually any actions. You don’t have t stick to a certain fixed structure anymore, as you are free to divide and organize different phases during each sale and manage your sales-flows effectively and YOUR way. And not only can it be organized within the same sales-flow, but also allows the separation of multiple ones, allowing an outstanding and natural partition of sales-flows, which could be very effective for businesses offering several services. This CRM software therefore allows you to use your own way, and get rid of the unnatural feeling of sales pipeline, as its use is not required.

In brief, is most definitely the best CRM software of 2014, with endless possibilities, and numerous advantages, not seen in any other previous CRM software. And the secret behind this incredible innovation is simple: its creator is not an outsider; he did not observe your needs. He is one of you, a person who knows from personal experience what is needed and what is ought to be changed. He did not arbitrarily create just another software, but instead he lived and learned what is best and created the perfect software for your comfort, and effectiveness. ClickHook replaces complexity with real and productive simplicity. ClickHook allows you to personalize your software to your personal business, therefore assuring this CRM software changes for you rather than obligating you to change your ways. To put it simply, became the newest, most advanced, and best CRM software of 2014.