Professional Liability Insurance For Counselors: Why Do They Need It?

August 19th, 2014

What do you know about professional liability insurance? A lot of people think that professional liability insurance is just one and the same for all professionals. However, they fail to look into the concept that each professional may be exposed to a different kind of risk and that these risks will actually define what type of professional liability insurance one needs.

Much like the other insurance policies, the Professional Liability Insurance for Counselors, is there to basically protect the rights and professional practice of the counselor. Their job is not easy, and so are other jobs. Because they require a specific kind of protection, it is a must that they also look into a specific type of coverage that is made especially for them.

Counselors deal with various personalities. They help people find meaning in life and maybe even closure in the things that drive them emotionally crazy. Because people depend on them for professional advice on life, love and everything in between, their expertise is much needed to make sure that only the best for their client is achieved.

Because their business is mainly on engaging in people and their problems, the risk of them being sued by their client can be quite high. From petty complaints to huge personal injury problems, all of these can come from clients who used to trust counsellors for their expertise. Whether small or big, these complaints could ruin the reputation of the counselor and may even cause the counselor to lose everything he has got.

Because of this risk, it is highly important that they get themselves protected from all these trouble. It is not about having enough money to settle with these clients. More importantly, it is the idea that the counselor is able to save face amidst wrongful accusations. These professionals put their practice at risk each time they attempt to help their clients. Because of this, it is only a must that they get that protection they need.

Is buying professional liability insurance worth it? For someone who wants to continue serving people, it is indeed beneficial. It is like buying the security for their practice for a cheaper price.

Benefits Of Professional Liability Insurance

August 19th, 2014

If you’re a business-owner then waking up every morning thinking of how your business will progress is stressful. It’s possible that you’ll be facing lots of adversities especially if you’re providing service to clients. Don’t overthink. There is various professional liability insurance for architects available in different insurance provider. Spending cash on getting one won’t hurt your business at all especially if it’s beneficial to you and to your venture. Then you can start listing of how professional liability insurance benefitted you. Try checking the lists below.

You become stress – free – Being in the company all day makes you see every client-employee interaction. Then you realized that mood swings are everywhere.  It can even cause loud arguments. Scenarios like that will push some clients to sue you even when you did nothing wrong. To not add to your burden, buy professional liability insurance for a stress-free day.

You can sleep and wake up happy – It’s very difficult to rest if you’re thinking of the troubles in your workplace. Come to think of it, you’re the boss of your own workplace. Overthinking can ruin your mood. If you’ve observed yourself doing so, you need professional liability for architects to take of your finances in the future. If you have it, you’ll be surprised of how it will make you sleep soundly at night.

Prevention of expensive legal battles – For business-owners, there’s only one reason why professional liability exists. It’s because it’s going to protect you and your employees from costly hearings, arbitration etc. It’s like this is the main purpose of professional liability insurance – protecting your finances from unreasonable clients sometimes. You must be prepared of the possible lawsuits that will come knocking in your door.

Having professional liability insurance for architects is a requirement now for every establishment. It’s evident that construction companies are prone to fraudulent activities involving clients and employees that’s why professional liability insurance is important to avoid expensive lawsuits that can possibly happen in no time. It’s undeniably effective to save your money from future lawsuits. It cannot be predicted. However it’s always good to be prepared because it will definitely save your time and your money.

Do Physical Therapists Need Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?

August 7th, 2014

If you are a physical therapist, one of your main concerns is probably how you can go about preventing someone filing a lawsuit against you. The truth is that even the best physical therapist in the world can be sued for alleged malpractice. While being kind to your clients and ensuring that they are on the same page as you certainly helps in preventing such lawsuits, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Physical therapists have a duty of adhering to certain standard of care—but things can go awry, and proving that it’s not your fault is always tricky… and expensive.

So the answer is yes, physical therapists need to be covered under such a policy. More often than not, a patient who sues a therapist claims a case of “professional negligence”. While malpractice claims can be complicated, a patient who can prove that they have suffered an injury—or experienced a breach of the duty of care—while working with a physical therapist is the most dangerous. As a physical therapist, this is probably your worst nightmare, and for a reason. Without adequate insurance coverage, there is nothing that you can do. Worst even, all the fees associated with your defense—as well as the settlement—will have to be paid out of your own pocket.

And if they can’t, then the only viable option left for you is so go bankrupt.

This scenario is incredibly different if you are a therapist insured under a professional liability insurance policy. With this type of coverage, you can just relax and work with an attorney provided by your insurance policy to prove that you are not at fault. You don’t have to worry about the fees either: After paying your deductible, everything will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Those are two different scenarios, but they are two very realistic ones. In fact they are so realistic that they happen every single day to dozens of workers across the globe. And you know what the good news is? You have the power to decide which one you want to experience. So choose wisely.

ClickHook – The best innovation in CRM

July 3rd, 2014

For years, Customer relationship management (CRM) has been a vital part of any business. Thus, becoming such an important part of any firm, many have tried creating CRM software to help those frustrated employees struggling with their organization. However, being created by software engineers, only knowing its functions remotely, each software was built to suit the needs of its creator rather than the realistic usage of its user. Thus, appears, a new innovative CRM software, created from experience by someone who has lived the same struggle as those needing the software, and who worked hard on creating a new, simple, and effective CRM software.

Throughout the years, many have claimed the throne of the best software, but the best CRM 2014 is by far the one created to suit the client’s need. offers, from a creator running his own web design and SEO firm, a software meant for the use of anyone and everyone. Simple and malleable, this CRM software is easy to learn and use by anyone. You won’t have to change your own organizational methods to adapt to the CRM software, because will adapt to your own usage.

Additionally, this software serves as a personal assistant in itself. By sending a small e-mail to ClickHook, it will record any and every contact you desire, with your own persona notes, tags, and any additional details. And not only does the e-mail service automatically add contacts, but also allows the recording of every e-mail as you b’cc ClickHook in your correspondences.

Most importantly, unlike many other software, ClickHook allows you to organize sales-flows your own way, and automate virtually any actions. You don’t have t stick to a certain fixed structure anymore, as you are free to divide and organize different phases during each sale and manage your sales-flows effectively and YOUR way. And not only can it be organized within the same sales-flow, but also allows the separation of multiple ones, allowing an outstanding and natural partition of sales-flows, which could be very effective for businesses offering several services. This CRM software therefore allows you to use your own way, and get rid of the unnatural feeling of sales pipeline, as its use is not required.

In brief, is most definitely the best CRM software of 2014, with endless possibilities, and numerous advantages, not seen in any other previous CRM software. And the secret behind this incredible innovation is simple: its creator is not an outsider; he did not observe your needs. He is one of you, a person who knows from personal experience what is needed and what is ought to be changed. He did not arbitrarily create just another software, but instead he lived and learned what is best and created the perfect software for your comfort, and effectiveness. ClickHook replaces complexity with real and productive simplicity. ClickHook allows you to personalize your software to your personal business, therefore assuring this CRM software changes for you rather than obligating you to change your ways. To put it simply, became the newest, most advanced, and best CRM software of 2014.

What is a Deductible?

June 14th, 2014

If you are a professional considering buying insurance coverage, then familiarizing yourself with the various insurance terms that populate the world is a must. One such term that you will often see being used by companies and insurance brokers is “deductible”.

In the world of insurance policy—and professional liability insurance coverage—a deductible is the amount of money that an insured is required to pay when they make a claim. How much money the insured choses to pay tends to vary from person to person. Generally speaking, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly premiums will be, and vice versa. For many people, choosing a higher deductible has the potential to reduce how much their monthly premiums cost by up to 10%. As such, increasing the deductible is a good tactic to save money on monthly premiums… assuming that nothing goes wrong for a while, that is.

When people are considering purchasing a professional liability insurance policy, choosing a deductible amount that is both affordable and useful is of the utmost importance. The truth is that many people don’t know how to do this. This is why they should always rely on the help of their Calgary insurance brokers to come up with the amount that will work best for them.

With that being said, what should you, as a professional, take into consideration when choosing your deductible? The first thing that they will have to consider is whether or not your profession allows you to cushion a considerable portion of your defense costs in the event of a claim. If you are well established in your profession and decide that you are able to pay a higher deductible, then by all means to do. Putting some money aside to be used as part of your deductible is always a good idea.

On the other hand, if you are only beginning to practice your profession, then we don’t recommend lowering your deductible until you have gained a sufficient amount of experience under your belt. After all, you are more likely to be sued than someone with decades of experience in your prospective field.

For more information, we encourage you to give your Edmonton insurance brokers a call.


How Can Physicians Prevent Malpractice Lawsuits?

May 22nd, 2014

As a physician, merely going to work each day entails a substantial amount of risk. After all, dealing with other people’s health is a heavy burden. Any advice that you give them could potentially harm them or worsen their condition. While we don’t doubt your level of expertise, even the best physician faces the possibility of a lawsuit on a daily basis. It does not even have to be your fault: If someone wants to sue you, there is nothing that you can do.

Fortunately, most mistake does not have to lead to a lawsuit. So without further ado, here is what you can do to prevent one:

  1. Be friendly with your patients. The more courteous and welcoming you are as a professional, the less people will be prone to suing you in the event that something goes wrong. You have to remember that your patients are humans and that strong bonds between physician and patient is the first step towards eluding a malpractice lawsuit.


  1. Educate your patients. Ensure that you are both on the same page. Educate your patients on the risks associated with any therapeutic procedure that you might wish to use on them, as well as the costs and benefits associated with them.


  1. Know your patients. Yes, you might be busy, but it’s not a reason to not know where your patient comes from. The more you know about a patient and his or her past medical history, the less likely to make a mistake you will be.


  1. Always follow-up. Following-up on your patients shows that you care and works towards strengthening the bond between patient and physician. Always ensure to keep the follow-ups documented so that you can access them at any time.


  1. Arm yourself with professional liability insurance coverage. If you can’t prevent a lawsuit, then being adequately covered under a professional liability insurance is your best bet. This type of policy protects you from financial loss associated with someone filing a lawsuit against you. As an example, someone might claim that you never warned them of a side effect associated with a certain drug, when in fact you did. Since this is difficult to prove otherwise, you might lose the case. If the patient decides to sue you (and you are uninsured), then the costs would have to be paid out of your own pocket. On the other hand, had you been insured, your insurance company would have taken care of it all for you.

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